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Dental crowns can restore your teeth and give them a beautiful, natural appearance if you have broken teeth or an uneven smile that makes you feel self-conscious. Crowns that safeguard your teeth and enhance your smile are available from Houston’s Memorial Park Dental Spa from dentists Nishano Thomas, Mary Abdou, and Chaluparambil. To find out more, give us a call or make an appointment online right now.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps that fit over teeth to enhance their look or restore their size, shape, and strength. They are most frequently used for teeth that have decayed, worn out, or broken down in some way.

Memorial Park Dental Spa is proud to provide patients with the highest quality dental crowns. They look natural and last for years.

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Drs. Thomas and Abdou can place porcelain or metal crowns at Memorial Park Dental Spa to cover teeth that are fractured, misshapen, or discolored. Because porcelain crowns look natural and closely match other teeth in color, most people opt for them.

Dental crowns can make stained or discolored teeth appear whiter and more attractive and have been used for many years to help people restore their smiles. The dentists at Memorial Park Dental Spa can help you regain confidence in your smile.

How are dental crowns installed?

Dr. Thomas, Dr. Abdou, and Dr. Chaluparambil typically install dental crowns over two visits.

Your teeth are prepared for the crowns at your initial appointment. In order for the crown to fit over your tooth and rest flush against your other teeth for a natural-looking and comfortable fit, they will delicately remove a tiny layer of tooth enamel.

Once your teeth are ready, your dentist will take a mold of your teeth, which they send to the dental lab, where your permanent crown will be custom-made. Dr. Thomas, Dr. Abdou, or Dr. Chaluparambil will fit a temporary crown onto your treated teeth to protect them in the meantime.

At your second appointment, Dr. Thomas, Dr. Abdou, or Dr. Chaluparambil will remove your temporary crown and fit your customized crown onto your prepared tooth. They’ll check the fit and your bite before permanently bonding the crown to your tooth.

Once the crown is attached, they’ll polish the porcelain until it shines like a natural tooth. Then you’ll go home with a beautifully restored smile.

If you’re interested in dental crowns, call or make an appointment online today.

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The best dentist in Houston. I came for my first cleaning and Beverly was AMAZING!!!! My prior cleanings at another dentist left me in pain, not at Memorial Park Dental. I also was fitted for a lower night guard, and it was the first time a night guard actually worked for me. All of the staff is great, even making a filling a decent experience. Love this place!

Patrick M.

A friend of mine referred me to Dr Thomas a few years ago and I have been a very satisfied patient ever since. The staff are all very friendly, knowledgable, helpful and they make you feel very comfortable during your visit. The office decor is very inviting, modern, clean, organized and surpasses any other dental office I’ve been to in the past.

Angelita R.

Love the office and staff. They will work with your schedule and try to make your appointments convient for you. The staff is very friendly each time we have come. It’s great to have an office know you and be concerned about what’s best for your health, and not just concerned for their business. After years of trying to find a great dentist…won’t be going anywhere else!!!

Cheryl W.

Helpful and friendly staff. Great atmosphere that is very relaxing. Dental procedures are explained well and done very professionally. Best dental practice I have ever experienced! Highly recommended.

Roger W.

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